The Missing Step in Your Beauty Routine

March 1, 2018

The Missing Step in Your Beauty Routine


You cleanse your face daily, use a toner (most of the time) and make surto apply an SPF be fore head ing out the door.

Seems like you’re do ing all the right things for your skin, right? Wellnot exactly. It’s great to cleanse and protect your skin

with SPF but unfortunately, if youre not using a serum you skin is missing out! Don‘t believe us? Take it from CoFounder & CEO

of Bluemercury, Marla Beck“Serums are one of the most important steps in your routine! They have a higher concentration of

ingredients and can penetrate deeper than other treatments so youskin gets the maximum benefits!” Now that you’ve identified

the missing key to unlock your beautiful skin here are a few pro tips to select ing and using a serum.



TlP 1: Identify your Skin Concerns.

Common skin concerns are; dry skin, oily skin, dark spots, fine lines, discoloration and

blemishes. Most women have mere than one , we promise youre not alone if youre

making a mental list right now of 3 or more woes.



TlP 2: Don‘t Be Shy

Stop into Bluemercury at The Shoppes. All their employees are well educated and eager

to help you find the perfect serum. Even if you are still unsure of what your skincare

needs are, these beauty experts will clear up and confusion (and blemishes) you mahave.


TlP 3: Perfect Placement

Once you have found your new serum it can feel like a wrench has been thrown into

your skincare routine. Rest assured it‘s nothing to be worried about. Simply remember

to apply skincare products thinnest to thickest. For example; Apply toner first on clean

skin, followed by your new serum and topped off with moisturizer.