Dress Your Desk

September 13, 2017

Dress Your Desk


(Image: Pier1.com)

Your Office Desk

Whether your home office desk has a designated room or in centrally located in heart of your home—Design

a clutter free nook that’s as conducive to stress relief  as it functional. Add personal flair to make it your own,

as well as motivate you to work a little harder.



(Image: Pier1.com)

 Your Dual Desk

Try this desk to create a homework central or sharing a home office for your family with the Metro Desk

from Pier 1.  Maximize your family work flow with a minimalist Zach Dining Chair or the upholstered

Brennon Swivel Desk Armchair.



(Image: Pier1.com)

Your Bedroom Desk

This glamorous Hayworth Desk doubles a the perfect place fora place for self-care activities like applying makeup,

catalog browsing and manicuring, as well as bill paying and list making. It’s mirrored surface can brighten a room

and has a generous top and roomy drawers giving it a practical work ethic, too.