Top Toys This Holiday

December 4, 2017


Magical & Mystical


Blankie Tails


Your child’s imagination can swim wild with these Blankie Tails.

They’re more than just a blanket – the gorgeously designed tails in

vibrant colors and will let your little one feel like a real mermaid

or shark everyday!



Unicorn String Lights

What’s better then a unicorn? 10 of them! With a luminous

rainbow of 10 differently colored unicorns, the Unicorn String

Lights will bring whimsical magic into any kid’s room!



Sequin Drawing Board

This dazzling Sequin Drawing Board transforms fun fashion into

sparkling art! Kids can write or doodle with the  included stylus

through the sequined surface, then run their hands over the surface

to make it disappear and start over again. Our favorite feature?

You can personalize the frame with 50+ included jewel stickers.


Silly & Squishy


Jelly slime

This gooey glittery slime flows like lava and comes in a

lava lamp-inspired bottle! Filled with shimmery sparkly

glitter bits, this funky slime shines while it flows.



Metal Ooze

Let the slime fun flow with this liquid metal that comes in a lava

lamp-inspired bottle! With a bright metallic sheen, this slick

slime shines and slides from hand to hand.


Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s Christmas Thinking Putty comes in a variety of

festive holiday colors. Stretch and rip the putty to watch it shine

and shimmer in the light!


Crafty & Creative


Build Bonanza Building Block Tape

Turn walls, counters, your TV or anything you can imagine

into a base for popular building blocks! Includes 12 feet of

flexible building tape, which can be cut to size and used

again and again.

Fashion Press

This easy-to-use craft encourages creative play. Fashion Press

brings artistic creativity to paper doll crafts! By using a simple

rolling press, children can make their own paper doll costumes by

mixing and matching patterns using 50 unique pages.


Hide & Seek Rock Painting

Spread kindness and unleash your inner artist with the

Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit! This kit includes everything

you need to design your own stylish, inspirational river rocks. The kit

includes paint and transfer designs that are weather-resistant,

so you can hide them outdoors with no worries!



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